Ilife is an international faucet brand registered in Munich, Germany. ilife combines the enjoyment of water and the relaxation of life. "Ilife" means "love and pursuit of quality life". The arc under the ilife faucet represents hugs and smiles. In short, ilife is the representative of the world's leading fashion brands.

Ilife has always adhered to its mission: to develop high-quality faucets and bathroom accessories for modern bathrooms and kitchens. Since its establishment in 1999, under the integration of German technology and Italian design, ilife has product design research, mold processing research and development, casting, CNC processing, forging, die casting, stamping, bending, welding, polishing, testing and strict quality control systems Full range of production lines.

Through the international quality IS0900I certification and modern industrial management system, we have accumulated experience in different market needs and standards. Our products follow strict quality control, superb production technology and every detail to ensure that the products meet different market standards. In the field of providing faucet series for hotels and residential projects around the world, we not only meet the standards and requirements of most European markets, but also obtain CE, Watermark, ACS, CUPC, NSF and ACS certification.

iLife now has an annual production capacity of more than 720,000 faucets and bathroom accessories. Products in Europe, Australia, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia and other Africa and countries and regions. Because of the recognition and trust of designers, architects and developers to ilife, they provide products for high-end hotel chains, residential and commercial projects all over the world.

Ilife是在德国慕尼黑注册的国际水龙头品牌,ilife结合了水的享受和生活的放松。“ ilife”的意思是“对优质生活的热爱与追求”。ilife水龙头下面的弧线代表着拥抱和微笑。简而言之, ilife是世界时尚龙头品牌的代表。




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