Tree and elephant in north America

A wood-making company originating from North America, starting from North America, the American elephant's footprint has traveled to South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, China... Selecting the world's high-quality fine materials and creating international high-quality home furnishings has always been the mission.



Goods Philosophy

1. Selecting the world's high-quality fine materials to create international boutique homes is the mission and philosophy that Tree and Elephant has always adhered to.
2. Adhere to the concept of green, adhere to the scientific use of wood and sustainable development
3. Adhere to the concept of international fashion design, draw design inspiration from fashion apparel conferences, and insight into changes from Modern International Home Furnishing Exhibition, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo...I hope that every product bought by users from all over the world is international Fashion trend


1.精选世界优质精材,打造国际化精品家居,是Tree and Elephant一直坚持的使命和理念。



Committed to being a global wood refining expert
Choose wood, make wood, and use wood rationally. Tree and Elephant takes "wood" as the core, and lays out multiple wooden works such as floors, wooden doors, wardrobes, cabinets, and furniture, and adheres to the scientific use of wood.


选木、制木、合理利用木。Tree and Elephant以“木”为核心,布局地板、木门、衣柜、橱柜、家具等多个木作品类,坚持木材的科学利用。

Strive to build a log procurement system all over the world
Collect the world and select high-quality wood. Tree and Elephant has traveled all over the world, inspecting the natural environment, judging climate and rainfall, understanding soil moisture, identifying wood properties...From North America to Africa, from Russia to Southeast Asia, we are committed to making the Tree and Elephant log procurement system spread all over the world. There are more than 300 suppliers in more than 20 countries and regions.


收罗世界,萃选优质的木材。Tree and Elephant走遍世界各地,考察自然环境、判断气候雨量、了解土质水分、甄别木材属性……从北美到非洲,从俄罗斯到东南亚,致力于让Tree and Elephant原木采购体系遍布全球。

International fashion models, world synchronization
For the fashion of products, Tree and Elephant has set up studios around the world, drawing design inspiration from fashion apparel conferences, and insight into changes from Modern International Home Fair. Milan, London, New York, Tokyo... Tree and Elephant expects users from all over the world to buy Every product arrived is an international fashion trend.


为了产品的时尚性,Tree and Elephant在世界范围内设立工作室,从时尚服装发布会汲取设计灵感,从现代国际家居展洞悉变化,米兰、伦敦、纽约、东京……Tree and Elephant期望世界用户买到的每一款产品都是国际风尚潮流款。

Product features

1. Original imported Southeast Asian oak, original imported red oak, original imported Hong Kong marble and jade
2. Ingenious wood craftsmanship, manual tenon and tenon structure triangle position strong and stable, log carved
3. 5mm selected silver mirror, no rust, 15 years of service life, 5 times more preferred than multi-layer and board-wood products




3. 5mm精选银镜,不生锈,使用寿命长,比多层、板木产品优先

Product application

Actual wood multi-layered floor board Suitable ground heating/heat heating Domestic use, local heat heating/heating, normal ordinary wood floor board appearance, various kinds of various problems, most probable changes, tunes, etc. Problem, real-life multi-layered ground-level conversation for selection.



China Present

Tree and Elephant in China, a family of timber family products, domestic products, all S2B2C products, all types of products, all-in-one service AMILIRE, Akira Megika Deputy agent. All-in-one entry AMILIRE Kimi Kamo "Egress building materials building" all over the country.


在中国,Tree and Elephant木制家居系列产品由国内S2B2C全品类国际整装供应链平台AMILIRE亚美利加全权代理。并进入AMILIRE亚美利加全国各地“国际建材馆

创建世界精品家居生活,Tree and Elephant美洲象,矢志不渝!

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