FABADONI, a Polish tile brand. FABADONI’s designer team adheres to the concept of “Nature is Comfortable” and is committed to exploring the balance between product beauty and comfort in use,

incorporating minimalist charm into pragmatism, and interpreting the classic Polish style. The main tone of the product is full-body marble tiles. Through high-definition inkjet numerical control technology, the original taste of natural stone is restored. The diversified presentation of 1 stone and N faces, the paving is natural and smooth, and the sense of extension is strong, making the space more open.

FABADONI (法布多尼),波兰瓷砖品牌。FABADONI的设计师团队坚持“自然即是舒适”的理念,致力于探寻产品的美观度与使用的舒适度的平衡,将极简韵味融入实用主义,诠释了经典的波兰式风格。产品以通体大理石瓷砖为主基调,通过高清喷墨数控技术,还原天然石材的原始味道,1石N面的多样化呈现,铺贴自然流畅,延伸感强,使空间更显开阔。

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