Tree and elephant in north America

Tree and Elephant originated from North America. At the early stage of its establishment, America Elephant set up R & D institutions and international offices in North America and Canada. From North America, the footprint of Tree and Elephant is all over South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and China. It is the mission and idea of Tree and Elephant to select global fine materials and create international excellent home.



Goods Philosophy

1. Selective global fine materials, forged internationalized homes, and Tree and Elephant.

2. Jinji Green Green Environmental Philosophy, Ipoh, Wood Science, Wakaji Green Development Exhibition
3. Internationalization and design principles of the world, the design of the clothing development society, the feeling of designing the design of the international family residence, the modernization of the international residence, the transformation of the United States, Yingdung, the contract, Tokyo ...... Tree and Elephant period desired global coverage. International Wind Association


1.精选世界优质精材,打造国际化精品家居,是Tree and Elephant一直坚持的使命和理念。



Global wood refining expert

Tree and Elephant, from the North American professional wood making company Tree&Elephant wood, making wood and using wood reasonably. America Elephant takes "wood" as its core. The layout of floor, wooden door, wardrobe, cabinet, furniture and many other wood works, the scientific use of wood to the extreme.

Tree and Elephant attaches great importance to R&D and quality. Its team has studied 6 major virgin forests in the world, carefully selected 50-120-year-old golden trees in various regions, and independently produced various types of wood products through advanced automation equipment to ensure global market supply . Tree and Elephant has always adhered to the goal of a sustainable healthy environment and global trade.


选木、制木、合理利用木。Tree and Elephant以“木”为核心,布局地板、木门、衣柜、橱柜、家具等多个木作品类,坚持木材的科学利用。

Tree and Elephant重视研发与品质,其团队考究了世界6大原始森林,严选各地区50~120年黄金树龄原木,并通过先进的自动化设备,自主生产各品类木作制品,以保证市场供应。Tree and Elephant始终坚持可持续性的健康环境及全球化贸易的目标。

The purchase system of logs is all over the world

America Elephant logs purchase system is all over the world, wood series purchase system is perfect, the number of suppliers are more than 300, involving more than 20 countries and regions, such as North America, Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia.


收罗世界,萃选优质的木材。Tree and Elephant走遍世界各地,考察自然环境、判断气候雨量、了解土质水分、甄别木材属性……从北美到非洲,从俄罗斯到东南亚,致力于让Tree and Elephant原木采购体系遍布全球。

International synchronization

In order to ensure the fashion of the product, America Elephant set up a studio in the world, draw inspiration from the fashion dress conference, and see the change from the modern international home exhibition. Milan, London, New York, Tokyo... Tree and Elephant expects that every product purchased by the global user is an international custom.


为了产品的时尚性,Tree and Elephant在世界范围内设立工作室,从时尚服装发布会汲取设计灵感,从现代国际家居展洞悉变化,米兰、伦敦、纽约、东京……Tree and Elephant期望世界用户买到的每一款产品都是国际风尚潮流款。

Product features

1. The 30-year-old Chinese fir frame has a hard texture, and its toughness is three times higher than that of ordinary Chinese fir. It has a firm structure and good stability;
2. Selected E1 grade high-quality boards, formaldehyde emission "0.1mg/L", practical, safe, environmentally friendly and assured;
3. Adopting a combination of single-pole and multi-sword carving craftsmanship, very modern dynamic lines, and different levels of effects;
4. The product has gone through up to 32 inspection and processing procedures, and a quality assurance and inspection system throughout the entire process has been established.






Product application

Actual wood multi-layered floor board Suitable ground heating/heat heating Domestic use, local heat heating/heating, normal ordinary wood floor board appearance, various kinds of various problems, most probable changes, tunes, etc. Problem, real-life multi-layered ground-level conversation for selection.



China Present

Tree and Elephant in China, a family of timber family products, domestic products, all S2B2C products, all types of products, all-in-one service AMILIRE, Akira Megika Deputy agent. All-in-one entry AMILIRE Kimi Kamo "Egress building materials building" all over the country.


在中国,Tree and Elephant木制家居系列产品由国内S2B2C全品类国际整装供应链平台亚美利加全权代理。并进入亚美利加全国各地“国际建材馆

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