Europe's century-old floor builder, highlighting the high-end luxury charm.

ALOKERDECO has a century-old history, and is world-famous in the field of top floor brand in Germany.Its products have passed many environmental protection certifications such as European E1 level,

and are exported to all parts of the world. ALOKERDECO leads the trend of European wood flooringwith absolute pure German origin, extraordinary product experience and art designat the forefront of the times.


ALOKERDECO拥有很长的历史,是德国地板品牌领域佼佼者,其产品通过了欧洲E1级等多项环保认证,远销世界各地,ALOKERDECO 以德式精工、磅礴的产品体验和时代前端的艺术设计而掀起欧洲木地板潮流。


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