History of the company dates back to 1983, when Mr Zbigniew Łąckistarted his business and established Łąccycompany. Łąccyis a family company with

many years of tradition in production and tradeof wood industry products, both on national and foreign markets.

Throughout the years of its existence, the company has been intensively developing and extending its activity in the area of offeredproducts.

The company constantly improves the quality of offeredproducts by implementation of new technological solutions and extending its products range.

波兰 拉塞尔 LACCY,公司的历史可以追溯到1983,具有多年生产和贸易传统的家族公司,在国内外市场提供木材工业产品。自成立以来,公司一直整合开发和扩大其在木材领域的活动产品。公司不断改进产品的质量。通过实施新技术解决方案和产品扩大产品范围。

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