Corksribas, established in 1980 in Portugal, the origin of cork, is one of the global domestic and commercial softwood flooring production and market leaders, and one of the trusted brands in the global softwood flooring field.

The Corksribas factory has its own oak grove in the mountainous area. It has a unique geographical advantage in terms of raw materials, which makes the supply of raw materials sustainable and has advantages in procurement costs.

Products are sold to more than 50 countries on 5 continents, including China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea.


Corksribas工厂在山区设有自己的橡树林场,原材料上有着得天独厚的地理优势,使原材料的供 应可持续,并有了采购成本的优势。

产品销售到中国、菲律宾、台湾、印度尼西亚、日本、 韩国等5大洲的50多个国家。

☆ 取材栓皮栎,也叫软木栎,可做绝缘隔热隔音材料
☆ 防潮抗菌防火——防水、防火防虫,不生霉菌;
☆ 安静——吸音、隔音性佳;
☆ 节能——降低后期使用成本;
☆ 温暖——舒适、亲切;
☆ 安心——脚感柔软舒适,有弹性;

Green and healthy floor (same as wine stopper), can be used in children's rooms/elderly rooms, etc.


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