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Nordic market share is the first, popular in 70% European families

Finland Tikkurila tikkurila group, with advanced production factories in 7 countries, 18 countries have sales subsidiaries. The best-selling high-end paint brand in northern Europe.

17 countries and regions around the world have built paint factory, tikkurila coatings company is Europe recognized professional decorative paints and decorative paint manufacturers.Tikkurila tikkurila is Europe's well-known brands, is the northern and Eastern Europe (including Russia) paint industry leader.Finland, Sweden, Russia, the Baltic region and Poland, Eastern Europe and the China area are Tikkurila tikkurila civilian paint market share leader in the country, which ranks first in Finland accounted for 70%.

A European paint with a crown,imperial paint brand

Research and development of the best quality coating, focus on high-end market positioning.Noble, luxurious and graceful, the Swedish Royal Palace, the Russian Kremlin, the presidential palace in Finland and other famous projects are using Fenlin paint.

Zero VOC colorant builder,with the most 5300 colors in the industry

The founder of personalized color paint color matching system, the global leader, called the master color technology authority. The top 5300 designers in the industry have selected colors, and many well-known international manufacturers use TIKKURILA's color technology patents and color pulp. Fenlin paint's new AVATINT color system launched a revolutionary trend 0VOC paste, color accuracy of 1/192 ounces, can guarantee the consistency of color repeatedly, to satisfy more exacting standards.


芬兰Tikkurila迪古里拉集团,在7个国家拥有先进的生产工厂,18个国家拥有销售子公司。北欧高端涂料品牌。 全球17个国家和地区建有涂料工厂,迪古里拉涂料公司是欧洲公认的专业装饰涂料和装饰漆厂家。





涂料个性化调色的缔造者,调色系统全球领先,堪称调色技术的权威宗师。拥有行业最多的5300种设计师精选颜色,许多国际知名厂商都使用 TIKKURILA的调色技术专利和色浆。芬琳漆最新推出的AVATINT调色系统革命性的推出了趋0VOC色浆,调色精度达到1/192盎司,可以保障多次调色的一致性,满足更加苛求的标准。

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