Listed group, paint field influence brand

German pinhe paint is a well-known paint brand of Finland listed company tikkurila group .

Finland tikkurila group was founded in 1862, has now become the northern and Eastern Europe and Russia in the paint industry leader, tikkurila coatings factory has advanced in 8 countries, providing fast service speed directly to Europe, Asia and other 25 countries, more than 5000 sales network, is a globally recognized the most professional manufacturer of decorative paint and industrial paint.

One of the early German manufacturers of water-based coatings has developed into a brand of influence in the field of paint.

Excellent quality and famous international paint brand in Germany

This product has been the product quality as the core driving force, with excellent product quality and environmental performance, won the Monde Selection (World Mond) Special Award (equivalent to the coating of the Nobel prize), stiftungWarentest (German product testing) optimal coating, Bavaria Chemical Industrial Cluster Innovation Award, and many other national and world level awards.





品质优 、国际涂料品牌

品赫一直把产品质量作为核心驱动力,凭借过硬的产品质量和环保性能,荣获Monde Selection(世界品质评鉴大会)特别金奖(相当于涂料界的诺贝尔奖)、stiftungWarentest(德国商品测试)最优涂料、巴伐利亚化学集群创新奖、等众多奖项。

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